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Posted on Feb 7, 2014 in AMPEON, Products

AMPEON AMP-119C type Multi-Route Spark Diverter

AMPEON AMP-119C type Multi-Route Spark Diverter

Model AMP119C multi-route spark diverter is a new style multi-route anti-fire equipment.

This product can be widely used in the process of cotton cleaning, dust-removing system and storing warehouse to prevent fire happening. It is constructed separately between the host machine and the spark detector which results in that the users can change the number (1-15) of detectors freely according to the specific usage.

The spark detector uses the infrared ray as its sensor, which makes the system have high sensitivity, short responding time, wide monitoring area and stabilized working condition. Furthermore, each detector has its own communication address.

The host can be equipped with JFA010 (or JFA020) fire removing equipment or equipment with dry powder according to the requirement of the users.