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Posted on Feb 7, 2014 in AMPEON, Products

AMPEON AMP-2000V5 type Metal & Spark Diverter

AMPEON AMP-2000V5 type Metal & Spark Diverter

AMP-2000V5 type metal & spark diverter is a new type of textile security product developed and designed by Jiangsu Ampeon Electron Engineering Co., Ltd.,which is used in the fore-spinning line and can be directly installed in the conducting duct of blow room machinery. It can automatically detect and remove the metal material, spark and combusting scraps in the fiber fabrics.

The product has more complete function comparing with the previous models, and is more prominent in metal & spark diverting performance: It has high sensitivity and detection ability toward the small metal and sparkle; It has excellent resistance toward the interference of the power supply and electromagnetism and the system has high reliability;Automatic calibration and equilibrium electric circuit make the inspection sensitivity free of drift and difference and the intelligentized program make it capable of adapting to different install environment and maintain the best working condition;The straight duct that the installing of rapid response diverter needs is very short and has high efficiency of diverting.

So it can assure that the volume of wool dropping with metal substance is the lowest;The whole machine is convenient and simple, easy to install and debug, it does not need special maintenance and care;It has RS-232communication connector and it can communicate with special APU-01 human-machine and adapt to the computer network management and remote control of the workshop.