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Posted on Feb 5, 2014 in GEMMECOTTI, GEMMECOTTI Mag-Drive Rotary Vane Pumps, Products

GEMMECOTTI Mag-Drive Rotary Vane Pumps – HPP/HPF

GEMMECOTTI Mag-Drive Rotary Vane Pumps – HPP/HPF

Rotary vane mag drive pumps series HPPHPF are made of thermoplastic materials and are suitable for corrosive liquids, alkalis, toxic, noxious and carcinogenic fluids.
Non-metallic mag-drive rotary vane pumps self-priming.


Typical applications:

  • High corrosive liquids
  • Toxic, noxious and carcinogenic liquids


Available materials of construction: PP, PVDF

Industries served: Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper mills, textile industry, food processing, sugar plants, electronics, water treatment plants, any hazardous chemical applications.